Friday, January 29, 2010

Wedding Cake Gifts

Hi again! I have seen so many cute baby shower diaper cakes I just love them. Well I  had to go to two weddings and thought what am i going to get them that says its from me?(Hmmmmm) Cake right! So hear are two of my cakes made from dish towels and kitchen goods. I used a roll of paper towels in the middle to get the bulk I wanted. Hope you like them!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

R2D2 Cake

R2D2 Birthday cake I made this cake butter cream then rolled out fondant on top for a smooth finish.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Kitchen Before and Today! What Paint can do!

So over the summer i just needed a change and the change need to be in my kitchen i was so sick of the green and yellow theme i had going on. I wanted something that would inclue my love for baking! So i went to thrift stores and fabric stores and came up with this. Let me take you back way back first to what my kitchen looked like before we bought it, then what i changed it to and now what it looks like today!

My handy work


Well since i have not posted in like 10 months i thought i would just share some pictures of what i have been up to. I have been sewing some things like book bags, aprons, camera strap covers, etc......   And  My great husband bought me a jigsaw right before christmas so i made these ultra cute cutouts for my front yard!

Tinkerbell Cake

Here is my first Ever tinkerbell cake. This one was not easy trying to get her face right was hard, and in the end it was not perfect but cute.

New Cakes

So I have been decorating cakes, along with all the painting and running after my 19 month old. Some times it feels as if the days and months get by me! Here is a baby shower cake i made with razz filling and fondant.

My Master Bedroom Redo

  1. This Is what our room looked like 4 years ok. I can not belive my poor husband and i slept on this tiny twin bed my mom bought me in high school! We only had a tiny little dresser that i had got a target before we were even together. We ripped up the carpet that was in the room my husband and i refinished all the floors in the house ourselfs.(we won't do that again)
    So After four years of living in a blah all white room i decided its time for a makeover. We upgraded the bed to a queen right after i had my daughter last year, and we got a grown up dresser from ikea i love it.

Fan Makeover 5.47 I spraypainted it with valspars metal paint and turned the fan blades over!

So here it is all done i painted the walls with behrs tide pools color one gallon of paint 13.00 they had a rebate going on at home depot! I just love it!!!!


So I have been super busy the last three weeks. I have redone this great scrapbook room at my mothers house, painted my dads kitchen, and painted my master bedroom. I hope you like her new room as much as my mom and i do. This room makeover only cost us about 35.00. The paint we got one gallon at walmart of bubble gum pink which was 16.97 five cans of black spray paint at .97 cents each and one can of pink which was 3.69, also we picked up ribbon to match at micheals buy one get one free so only spent 7.00dollars. So i will have to have my mom send me some before pics to publish. But the cork boards use to be brown i spraypainted those along with all the mix match baskets she had i sprayed them all black and pink. I also spray painted the shelf on both sides of her table black they were an ugly wood color they were just sitting outside collecting dust they once held cds and the tv cabinet i took the glass doors off and spraypainted it black. We just love how it turned out!

Kitchen Redo #2

So after redoing my moms kitchen my dad wanted me to do his. So i went down picked up three gallons of paint, and went to work. He is going to change out the ugly red counter top soon but here is what the before and after pics look like.